Brand: Aqua Cart
SKU #: 306AC003
Shipping Weight: 240.00 pounds
Quantity in Basket: None
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An exceptionally strong aluminum frame (built with 2x4 boxed aircraft aluminum tube)
Black composite rims with high capacity metallic bushings
Solid stainless steel axles
Stainless steel hardware
Solid polyethylene bunks (no carpet to wear)
Adjustable bunk spacing to fit all popular models of PWC
Positive bow stop to secure the nose of the craft
A rugged 1300 lb rated winch
Optional low speed towing coupler kits are available
UPS shippable in (4) boxes

240 lbs. total shipping weight
22" bunk height for easy transfer to/from a trailer (and comfortable work height!)
116" overall length (without coupler, adjustable to shorter lengths)
68" Wide from outside of tires
Nearly 6 foot width provides lateral stability
Easy to assemble

The OCTO-CART is easier to use than a 6-wheel model with 3 rows of axles. Besides a lighter footprint, the long handle, short wheelbase, and overhanging bunks allow it to be loaded by simply lifting the handle and winching your PWC onto the cart.
This can be accomplished on the beach or in water. The 2 axle design also allow it to be maneuvered with agility by lifting up or pushing down on the handle and pivoting the cart on the single row of tires remaining in contact with the ground.

The OCTO-CART is the most rugged cart available for the easiest transport of your PWC!!