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    Marine-Tex Epoxy Repair Kit,White

    Marine-Tex Epoxy Repair Kit,White

    Brand: Marine-Tex
    SKU #: 205LJ034
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None

    Handles Like Putty,Hardens Like Steel,Sands Like Wood,Self hardening plastic,metal. Repairs damaged,leaky hulls,dry rot,cracked crank cases,engine blocks. Repairs leaks in fuel tanks,water tanks,piping. Marine-Tex bonds tightly and permanently to all metals,plastics,hard and soft,wood,plywood etc. Impervious to oils,grease,brine,detergents and other chemicals on board. Will not shatter when bumped. Unaffected by cold as low as -60F heat as high as +300F. Non-Magnetic,Non-Rusting,Non-Corrosive. Can be sanded,drilled,sawed,threaded,painted. Feathers smooth as glass with no laps. Available in White only,sizes 2oz,14oz or 32oz.