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    Sea-Doo Intake Grate

    Sea-Doo Intake Grate

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    SOLAS' commitment to performance does not simply mean just speed. It means handling, dependability, durability, smooth operation, and much more. SOLAS intake grates are made of cast aluminum. Each is finished with an epoxy powder coating which makes SOLAS intake grates highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
    Our airfoil section allows more water to flow consistently into the pump in order to eliminate cavitation and improved hook up ability. SOLAS offers several different models.

    1998 GSX Limited
    1999 GSX Limited
    2000 GTX
    2001 GTX
    2000 GTX DI
    2001 GTX DI
    1998 GTX Limited
    1999 GTX Limited
    2000 LRV
    2001 LRV
    2002 LRV DI
    2003 LRV DI