Storage cover for Sea-Doo GTX 155S, GTX Is, Ltd, RXT: Watercraft Superstore
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    Storage cover for Sea-Doo GTX 155S, GTX Is, Ltd, RXT

    Storage cover for Sea-Doo GTX 155S, GTX Is, Ltd, RXT

    Brand: Watercraft Superstore
    SKU #: 111WS118
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Availability: Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Storage cover for Sea-Doo GTX 155S, GTX Is, Ltd, RXT'. Please check back later.
    Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Storage cover for Sea-Doo GTX 155S, GTX Is, Ltd, RXT'. Please check back later.

    A good storage cover is essential to protect your Sea-Doo PWC while it is stored. WaterCraft Superstore makes an excellent Custom Storage Cover for just that purpose. Just select your color preferences and we can custom make your cover to look the way you want it.
    *Please be sure that your specific model is listed in the applications tab as these covers are non-returnable*

    Our cover is made of 600D solution dyed polyester, which means the color goes all the way through and
    is much more fade resistant than other covers. Each Sea-Doo PWC storage cover comes with a tie down strap kit for trailering around town.

    The Sea-Doo storage cover works great for indoor and outdoor storage applications and the 600D material is breathable
    to help prevent mildew growth and allow moisture to evaporate.

    Sea-Doo storage covers have a 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship or material.

    2009 GTX LTD iS 255
    2009 RXT iS 255

    2010 GTX iS 215
    2010 GTX LTD iS 260
    2010 RXT iS 260

    2011 RXT aS X/ aS XRS 260
    2011 RXT iS 260
    2011 GTX iS 215
    2011 GTX LTD iS 260

    2012 RXT iS 260
    2012 RXT-X aS 260
    2012 GTX Ltd iS 260
    2012 GTX S 155

    2013 RXT aS 260
    2013 GTX 155 S
    2013 GTX Limited iS 260

    2014 RXT-X aS 260
    2014 GTX LTD iS 260
    2014 GTX S 155

    2015 RXT-X aS 260
    2015 GTX LTD iS 260
    2015 GTX S 155

    2016 RXT-X aS 260
    2016 GTX S 155
    2016 GTX Limited iS 260
    2017 GTX S 155
    2017 GTX Limited S 260
    Watercraft Superstore covers have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defect in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover fading, tearing or stains which are likely during normal use. Environments with extreme weather conditions might have an adverse effect on the longevity of the material which will not be covered under warranty.

    If you should have a problem or questions, please contact Watercraft Superstore @866-957-9277 or
    Your new Watercraft Superstore cover is designed to give years of protection to your PWC.
    To install the cover, it is best to start at the handle bars and mirrors (if equipped) then pull the cover forward over the bow and rearward over the stern of the craft. The shock cord installed at the hem of the cover should be pulled down under the rub rail of the PWC. Most covers will hold in place with just the use of the shock cord for stationary storage.
    If the craft is going to be towed or is stored in an area that gets high winds, we suggest using the provided tie down straps to wrap under the PWC to secure the cover.
    The watercraft should always be clean before installing any cover to prevent damage to the finish.
    Cleaning and Maintenance of the cover should be done periodically to help extend the life of the cover.

    To clean the cover, we suggest a mild liquid soap similar to soap used to wash the PWC. For bird droppings or other hard to clean spots, it may be necessary to use a scrub brush. You can rinse the cover with a standard garden hose. We do not suggest using a pressure washer since the pressure could be high enough to damage the material.
    If the cover is used outdoors, we suggest re-treating the cover with a water repellant treatment such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard (available at Watercraft Superstore or other marine supply stores) at least once a year to help with water repellency as well as UV protection.