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    Yamaha D Plate Catalytic Conv. Eliminator

    Yamaha D Plate Catalytic Conv. Eliminator

    SKU #: 129RR001
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None

    This “D” plate (named because of the D shaped cut out in it) is a low cost product that can directly replace the catalytic converter in the GP1200R, XL1200Ltd, XLT1200, and GP1300R.

    Installation increases top-end speed, reduces under-hood operating temperatures and allows the use of regular 2-stroke oils.

    This unit is a high quality stainless steel replica of the plate that is standard equipment on export model Yamaha watercraft without emission controls.

    This item is for FOR COMPETITION USE ONLY.

    Cat Temp Sensor Chip Item number 129RR002 should be used with in conjunction with this D Plate.

    2000 GP 1200R
    2001 GP 1200R
    2002 GP 1200R
    2003 GP 1300R
    2004 GP 1300R
    2001 XL 1200
    1999 XL 1200 LTD
    2000 XL 1200 LTD
    2000 XL 700
    2002 XLT 1200
    2003 XLT 1200
    2004 XLT 1200
    2005 XLT 1200