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    Handlebar cover for Yamaha GP & XL Models

    Handlebar cover for Yamaha GP & XL Models

    Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
    SKU #: 137BT405
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    BlackTip Jetsports has done it again! Last year, for our "Mission Skipossible" article, we created a cool new neoprene handlebar cover to fix the very well known problem with the older SeaDoo covers turning gummy. This year we kicked it up by offering that same product for a bunch more skis. We've received tons of requests for different models and promised we would respond over the winter. With help from our friend Mitchell at M&M Marine in California, we were able to get our hands on the most popular handlebar covers from the skis we had requests for.

    Our handlebar covers go on directly over the factory cover and does not require any tools for installation. They zip up the side with a non corrosive zipper and are easily removable for cleaning. It's as easy as putting on a jacket and features the cool BlackTip Jetsports logo on the front. The covers are a great upgrade by adding that custom look and match beautifully with the BlackTip Jetsports traction mats and seat covers.

    1997 GP 1200
    1998 GP 1200
    1999 GP 1200
    2000 GP 1200R
    2001 GP 1200R
    2002 GP 1200R
    2003 GP 1300R
    2004 GP 1300R
    2005 GP 1300R
    2006 GP 1300R
    2007 GP 1300R
    2008 GP 1300R
    1999 GP 760
    2000 GP 760
    1998 GP 800
    1999 GP 800
    2000 GP 800
    2001 GP 800R
    2002 GP 800R
    2003 GP 800R
    2004 GP 800R
    2005 GP 800R
    2005 LX 210
    1998 Wave Runner 760
    1998 XL 1200
    1999 XL 700
    2000 XL 700
    2001 XL 700
    2002 XL 700
    2003 XL 700
    2004 XL 700
    1998 XL 760
    1999 XL 760