2000-2003 GP1200R/2003-2008 GP1300R, GP800R Yamaha

2000-2003 GP1200R/2003-2008 GP1300R, GP800R Yamaha

Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
SKU #: 111BT400
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When BlackTip Jetsports set out to make a personal watercraft storage cover worthy of the BlackTip Jetsports name only one material passed our tests, Sunbrella. We made many prototype covers and tested them in a laboratory environment as well as outside in the harsh Florida sun. What we found was Sunbrella, a fabric known around the globe for being the best outdoor fabric money can buy, held up better than any other product. Sunbrella has been used for high end boat covers, patio furniture and awnings for years. Until now the only way to get a Sunbrella cover for you PWC was to go to a local upholstery shop, bring them your watercraft and wait for them to custom sew one. This was a very expensive and time consuming process.

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Watercraft Superstore's BlackTip Jetsports storage covers have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty against defect in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover fading, tearing or stains due to user negligance. We do our best to make sure every storage cover is perfect, but sometimes things happen.

If you should have a problem, please contact Watercraft Superstore @866-957-9277 or sales@watercraftsuperstore.net to identify your issue.