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    Tigershark 900 Top-End Kit 900/Monte Carlo 1995 1996

    Tigershark 900 Top-End Kit 900/Monte Carlo 1995 1996

    Brand: SBT
    SKU #: 701SB503
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None

    Top-end Kit includes:

    3 SBT Pistons
    3 Ring Sets
    3 Wrist-Pins
    3 Wrist-Pin Bearings
    3 C-Clips
    4 Washers
    3 Base Gaskets (Small , medium and large hole)
    3 Water Jacket O-Rings
    Exhaust Gasket(s).

    Our watercraft top end kit includes new SBT pistons, which are the first piston to be sold with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. SBT pistons are cast using a high-silicone-content aluminum, and anodized on the top surface to increase the operating temperature range and retard normal wear. Sides of piston are graphite coated for minimal wear during break-in procedure; Rings, which are made of chromium-plated ductile iron and are included along with all new wrist-pins, c-clips and wrist-pin bearings; base gaskets & head/head cover gaskets/o-rings, intake gaskets and exhaust gaskets.(where applicable)

    Piston to Cylinder Clearance:
    The piston size plus the clearance equals the final bore size. For the recommended clearances by make and model, see Table 1. The cylinder first should be bored to within 0.002” of the final bore size. The remaining 0.002” should be removed with a 400 grit cylinder hone. The honing process should be controlled such as to leave a 45 degree crosshatch pattern on the cylinder wall.

    Port Chamfering:
    Once the cylinder is honed to the final size, all of the ports in the cylinder wall should be chamfered with a file or chamfer tool. The chamfered edge should be cut at approximately a 30 degree angle around the entire port. The cylinder should then be honed with a 400 grit flex hone to apply a uniform finish and to re-establish the 45 degree cross-hatch pattern.

    Cylinder Cleaning Process:
    Clean cylinders in warm soapy water using a firm plastic brush (such as a tooth brush), then dry, and immediately lubricate with 2-stroke oil. Honing grit tends to reside in the crosshatch and must be scrubbed out. An extremely clean cylinder free of grit is critical in order to avoid “drag marks” and other damage to the cylinder wall after assembly.

    Setting the Ring Cap:
    Place the piston ring in the cylinder. Use the piston to push the ring approximately 5mm from the top of the cylinder in order to square the ring in the cylinder. Use a feeler gauge to measure the gap between the ends of the ring. If the gap is too small, one end of the ring must be filed. Re-install the ring and measure again to confirm the final dimension. Recommended ring gap clearances are shown in Table 2.

    Piston Installation:
    Install the base gasket (we recommend Threebond 1211 as a gasket treatment). Lubricate the wrist pin bearing with 2-stroke oil and install the piston on the connecting rod. The designation mark on the piston crown points in the direction as shown in Table 3. Install the c-clips with the open end in either the 6 or 12 o'clock position. Install the rings onto the piston. Using your hands or a ring compressor, collapse the rings into the ring grooves and install the cylinder. Torque cylinder to proper torque specifications.

    Table 1: Piston to Cylinder Clearance



    2 Stroke



    Kawasaki 440, 550, 650, 750, 900, 1100
    Yamaha 500, 650, 701, 760, 1100, 1200


    Yamaha 800, 1200pv, 1300


    Seadoo 580, 650, 720, 800
    Polaris 650, 750, 780, 900
    Kawasaki 1200


    Polaris 700, 1050 Seadoo 951, 800 RFI

    4 Strokes


    Seadoo 112 (N/A)


    Seadoo 113 (S/C)


    Yamaha 408, 410, 411


    Kawasaki 213, 214


    Honda 600, 601

    Table 2: Ring End Gap



    2 Strokes


    .011” +/- .003”

    Kawasaki 1100

    .012” +/- .002”

    Seadoo 800

    .012”+/- .004”

    Kawasaki 440, 550, 650
    Yamaha 500, 650, 701, 760, 1100, 1200, 800,1200pv
    Tigershark 640, 770, 1000

    .013” +/- .003”

    Seadoo 580, 650, 720
    Kawasaki 750, 900, 1200

    .013” +/- .005”

    Polaris 650, 700, 750, 780

    .014” +/- .004”

    Polaris 900, 1050

    .019” +/- .001”

    Tigershark 900

    .022” +/- .003”

    Seadoo 951/DI

    4 Strokes



    Yamaha FX Top Ring


    Yamaha FX Middle Ring


    Yamaha FX Oil Ring


    Yamaha VX/FXHO Top Ring


    Yamaha VX/FXHO Middle Ring


    Yamaha VX/FXHO Oil Ring


    Seadoo Top Ring/Middle Ring


    Seadoo Oil Ring


    Kawasaki Top Ring


    Kawasaki Middle Ring


    Kawasaki Oil Ring


    Honda Top Ring


    Honda Middle Ring


    Honda Oil Ring

    Table 3: Piston Arrow Direction










    Towards exhaust


    All (except 4-stroke)


    Towards Exhaust




    Towards exhaust


    650, 750, 780


    Towards front


    700, 900, 1050


    Towards exhaust




    Towards front


    All others


    Towards exhaust


    640, 1000


    Towards exhaust


    770, 900


    Towards exhaust




    On the intake side