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    Flush Kit for Yamaha (old style)

    Flush Kit for Yamaha (old style)

    Brand: SBT
    SKU #: 113SB402
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    Easy way to flush your Yamaha watercraft.
    Regular flushing of cooling system keeps it functioning at maximum efficiency.
    Purifies the system of debris and contaminants - including salt water, sand and sediment!

    Quick and easy way to flush your Yamaha (Old Style) personal watercraft.


    1994-1995 Yamaha FX700 FX
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    1996-1997 Yamaha RA700B Wave Raider
    1994-1995 Yamaha RA700 Wave Raider
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    1996-1999 Yamaha SJ700A Super Jet
    2000-2001 Yamaha SJ700A WaveRunner Super Jet
    1994-1995 Yamaha SJ700 Super Jet
    1996 Yamaha WB700A Wave Blaster
    1993-1995 Yamaha WB700 Wave Blaster
    1987-1990 Yamaha WJ500 Wave Jammer
    1990-1993 Yamaha WR650 WaveRunner LX
    1993 Yamaha WRA650A WaveRunner III
    1990-1996 Yamaha WRA650 WaveRunner III
    1997 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner III
    1994-1995 Yamaha WRA700 WaveRunner III GP
    1991-1995 Yamaha WRB650 WaveRunner VXR
    1993-1994 Yamaha WRB700 WaveRunner Pro VXR